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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three More Open Houses To Attend

I still have, as far as I could tell, three more open houses to attend and then Chinese New Year would be over for me. Personally, I have never felt like it's Chinese New Year. I didn't even prepare the house for it because I don't have time to take on the task alone because the house is too large it would take somewhere between two to three weeks to get it spick and span. Besides, I would rather spend time doing more constructive things.

A friend said that although he has received numerous open house invitations, he didn't bother to turn up. Well, neither did I all these years. I decided to go this year and I am glad I made this decision. Otherwise, how would I ever get to see Dato' Michelle Yeoh, the State ruler and Government leaders?

Now, I'm not saying that these people are "better" or a class above us but then let's be frank, how often do we get to even see them, right? It has truly been a whirlwind Chinese New Year until now!


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