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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trying For A Rabbit Baby

My sister, who had an unsuccessful pregnancy last year, told me that she is ready to try for another baby, but she is afraid that the same thing will happen again. She told me that her doctor has found out that she has a genetic disorder and told me that if I were to try for a baby too, I would have to check if I also have the same genetic disorder. After all, we are sisters and share the same gene pool.

According to her doctor, my sister will have to take various medications as long as she wants to have a baby, and even after she is done with childbirth. It's quite scary, you know? She said that besides the medication that her doctor has prescribed, she is also taking the best vitamins that she could find at the local pharmacy.

Since I am not even married yet, I don't think I should worry about this condition, but I do worry about my sister. She was very weak the time round so much so that she collapsed and 911 had to be called so I hope that she will not have to go through this a second time.


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