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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance

My sister told me that she and her husband are planning to buy a motorcycle. My sister just bought a new car recently and her husband drives a sports car. This motorcycle is like a luxury to them, more of like a weekend toy where they could go on countryside excursions.

According to my sister, times are not so good now and they have plenty of financial commitments but what is the point working so hard but not being able to enjoy life? My sister is at the moment calculating the cost of owning a motorcycle. The monthly installment is not much but she is afraid that insurance would be a burden.

While I don't really encourage her to ride a motorcycle, I also subscribe to the belief that we should enjoy life while we could. If motorcycles are what she and her husband like, then by all means, get one. It doesn't even need to be a burden to enjoy the motorcycle.

I told her that she should find the cheapest motorcycle insurance. That would save her lots of money, especially when she bundles her insurance policies, since she already has home and auto insurance. I read that in some cases, we could save up to 20% in insurance premiums. Can you imagine that?

I showed my sister the website of MasCycles where the top six motorcycle insurers in the country and I believe that she has a loan with one of the companies. That's good news, certainly, since she could then get a discount if she takes up bundled insurance.

In any case, before she makes a decision, she could just request for cheap motorcycle insurance online through the website first. Once the insurance quotes are in, then she could compare and decide. As you can see, it's all very convenient, isn’t it?

If you are also looking for the cheapest motorcycle insurance, check out the website of MasCycles.


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