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Friday, December 17, 2010

To Invest Or Not

My pen-pal of 19 years sent me a lengthy air mail letter as he has always done when he sends me birthday greetings. This letter, he shared with me deaths in his family and also he has gone back to university because he couldn't get a good job.

According to him, his father, who passed away just last month, left him some cash, which he is thinking of investing in something solid. Being a student, and still single, he doesn't have use of the money yet so he wonders if it's a good decision to buy gold coins now or perhaps wait for the price of gold to drop a little before entering the market.

I have no experience buying gold in any form except gold jewelry so I couldn't tell him if he should buy now, later, or not at all. However, I can tell him that he should read up on investing in gold, even if it's just coins, and to get a really good dealer. Perhaps an experienced person could better guide him on gold investment, or investment in any other precious metals for that matter.


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