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Saturday, December 11, 2010

'No' To Child Marriages

The minister has given a resounding 'NO' to child marriages in the country and even if the Syariah court says it can go ahead, there really should be a law that governs all of us, whatever our religion. This case is very obvious, though, and I bet that he girl, even though only 14 years old, is already pregnant and to getting married to the baby's father will solve a few issues:

1. the girl will not be a single mother
2. the girl will not have to go through an abortion, which is a sin in the eyes of religion
3. the man, a school teacher, doesn't have to be charged for rape

While the parents may have through that a marriage between these baby's parents would solve this social problem, they didn't think that it would attract he media's attention around he world. Nobody said a word about this being a shot-gun marriage but isn't it obvious enough?

This isn't so much a issue with the children but with parenting. This looks like epic failure on the part of the parents of both the man and the girl. Whatever it is, what is done is done so let's just hope this young couple has a long lasting marriage.


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