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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eco-friendly Window Shutters

I balked at the idea when my friend told me that he is going to hang curtains in his guest room downstairs that he intends to convert into his home office. Although my friend's business is conducted online and he doesn't need to entertain guests or clients at his office, I didn't think it's appropriate to have fabric curtains because they look too homely.

My friend hasn't started on his renovations yet so there's still hope! I quickly suggested that he install Window Shutters instead as they are definitely more appropriate for an office environment. He should be able to concentrate on his work better too!

I have no knowledge on window shutters at all but I could see the many different designs and ranges of shutters and their material from the website of Premier Shutters Ltd. I never expected so many! My friend would have a tough time selecting which to install! LOL

When I have my own place, WHEN, not IF, I would like to have the eco-friendly window shutter. I like the idea that the Esher shutter range is very easy to clean since I am a minimalist who is trying to streamline work around the house. I wouldn’t be able to afford a housemaid so it’s wise to invest in something that requires the least work.

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