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Sunday, December 05, 2010

National Horse Show 2010

If you are in Ipoh today, you may want to make a visit to the National Horse Show 2010 currently held at the Perak Turf Club. It's an exposition and carnival and there are plenty of games and activities lined up for children and families. I went to the Perak Turf Club three days in a row because there are just so many things to see. I have always wanted to visit the Turf Club to get up close with horses but never had the chance previously because I had to stay home to take care of my doggies.

Besides the expo and carnival, equestrian competitions are on-going as well from dressage, showjumping and horseball, just to name a few events that I witnessed. Horses are massive and they have their individual characters. Of course, their breed shapes how they behave as well but some have "headwind" and could pose a danger to people who do not know how to handle them.

If you like horses, make your way to the Perak Turf Club now. Today is the final day and it ends at 6pm!


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