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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Naughty Dog

A friend told me that she is having a difficult time with her neighbor who has been complaining that her dog has gone over to her compound way too often, wrecking her flowers and digging holes on the ground. As someone who has kept dogs for the better part of my life, I can certainly understand that those come as second nature to dogs and it's not easy to stop them from doing that.

My friend told me that because they live in houses that don't have fencing, unlike mine, unless she keeps the dog inside her house tied up all day long, she cannot stop the dog from getting out and about. She has built a doggie dog, you see.

The neighbor has put up no trespassing signs but it's not like the dog reads English! I guess there's nothing my friend could do but take the dog for walks with a leash. It wouldn't be good if the neighbor reports to the local municipal council!


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