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Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting Out

Once in a while, I feel really suffocated at home. I know that I have no place here but sometimes, it's tolerable, sometimes it is not. Although I can financially survive on my own outside of the family home, it would mean that I would not be able to support them. I know that many of my friends who are living on their own either do not have to support their families, do not need to, or don't earn enough to but I will feel bad.

Also, I need a reason to move, something more concrete, like a job. That would give me some sense of stability and also peace of mind too, knowing that my monthly pay cheque can cover my rental, food, accommodation, and other daily expenses.

But I know that I cannot drag my feet for far too long. It's been long enough and it's only killing me like this. Doing so wouldn't not mean that I am running away as it would be a well thought out and well-planned action. I just need to push myself to take the first step. Perhaps I am not as desperate to leave yet.


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