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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Consumers Told To Brace Themselves

I read in the papers that consumers are told to brace themselves for even more price hikes as the government continues to remove subsidies on some essential items, like how the subsidy for sugar has been adjusted.

Frankly, reading this, I am feeling a little jittery. I had wanted to purchase a car last year but because of all these uncertainties and the fact that I have stayed home for 7.5 months now and have no use for a car, I have put my plan on hold. I am glad. I would really like to know how the price of fuel will be determined before I proceed.

My mother has told me that she wants to purchase exercise equipment so that she could do her physiotherapy at home and not go to the hospital every week. While I agree that it is more convenient I have suggested that we buy refurbished fitness equipment to save some money. There are only four of us at home and I don't see the justification in spending so much money on exercise equipment.

I am already feeling the pinch even though GST is not implemented yet. I really hope that I could get out of this situation as soon as possible so that I could earn some REAL money!


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