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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rowa Rolan For Pressure Sores

Taking care of Snoopy for more than six months now, where he developed pressure sores from the third months onwards, I have been dressing his sores a few times a day trying to keep them clean and dry. I found this Calcium carbonate powder called Rowa Rolan really good. The name's funny because the name of the company is actually Rowa of Ireland.

Anyway, it is too bad that Snoopy could only lie on one side and that makes it so difficult for the pressure sores to dry. For spots that Snoopy doesn't sleep on, they dry out really quickly.

I keep buying this powder from a neighbourhood pharmacy. Its mark price is RM9 but I get it at RM8 per bottle. Throughout the past three months, I have used more than ten bottles already. What to do when Snoopy's pressure sores cannot cure? Frankly, I am ready to surrender already!


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