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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Building A Dream Home

My neighbor recently sold his house and I understand that the new owner will be demolishing the existing building and build a new house from scratch. While I understand why he is doing that, I am really not happy that I will have to live with months of pollution, including noise pollution!

However, I will not be subjected to that so soon because the new owner is just having his new dream home drawn up and it would take some time since construction work could only start once approval from the authorities has been obtained.

I think that this new homeowner could easily save time and money (time IS also money) by buying a home plan from a website like of HDA, Inc. If you check out the website, you could see that one could find all sorts of house or cottage plans from contemporary to rustic home designs for sale at reasonable prices.

A potential homeowner could easily search for his dream home among the many house plans available for sale. Of course, one could easily make changes to the design to suit his needs and it still is cheaper than drawing a new home plan from scratch. And as mentioned earlier, it saves so much time too!


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