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Friday, November 27, 2009

Dare I Go On Adult Vacations?

My friend, Paul, read my blog and my dreams of going on a long awaited holiday. Well, I guess everyone knows already why I can't just pack my bags and go off like most people can, if they can afford it. He said that after all the pent up negative energy that I have from taking care of the sick, I should try going on an adult vacation. THAT will help me let go of all my inhibitions.

Paul is Malaysian as well but has lived in the west for half his life. He has told me of his trips to nude beaches and said he would like to visit adult resorts too, if he could find the right person to go with but Chinese are very shy, too shy, and none of his female friends dare to take up his offer of a free holiday.

Now, I really don't know if I dare to go on adult vacations. Perhaps I do, especially when nobody knows me there, except my partner, of course, and my partner has to be someone I love, not just anyone like Paul. Does he think that I would go along with him if he were to pay for my trip?


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