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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Highly Stressed

I once read a survey results that one of the highly stressful factors is the death of a pet. I used to think so too especially when the pet has been with us for a long time and is already a part of the family.

With Snoopy, it is way more stressful to deal with a dying pet than the death of a pet. While it has been swift with Dino's demise, it took about 7 hours from the time he lapsed into cluster seizures to the time he took his last breath, and I was unprepared, it is way more painful seeing how Snoopy is suffering.

It drives me crazy having to deal with the noise he makes and I get absolutely short tempered with him especially when I did not get any rest at all, like last night, but then I think that this is probably the final week or month he is going to be with us and I can't stay angry for long.

I know Snoopy is only like this because he is unwell but then it really is difficult to deal with him and I dread to think that when his time is finally up, I would actually rejoice to be free from this situation.

My friend sent me a couple of text messages yesterday which I did not reply. He finally asked if everything was all right and I told him that I am highly stressed, to stay away because I bite. Please don't bother me!


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