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Friday, November 02, 2007

The Wedding Photographer

A friend of mine who works as a wedding photographer told me that his wife loves helping the wedding couple with getting their wedding preparation including helping with the menu, guests list, things for the bridesmaid and groomsmen, Wedding Gifts and everything in between, for free. It sure sounds like fun to always be helping people start a new life together.

I told him that his wife will make a good wedding planner later with so much experience right now. Currently, she is making use of information readily available on the internet to help with her preparation. One of her favorite sites is which has given her plenty of ideas which she tried to implement to wedding couples here and so far, they are receptive to her innovative ideas that she adopted.

This friend has a blog too and he just sent me an email to view new photos of his latest assignment and there's no denying that they are improving with each wedding.


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