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Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Month New Challenges

November is a new month which will carry new challenges. So how much will I earn now with all my battered blogs? I don't know but I have drastically lowered my target by 50%. This is the amount that could only cover my household expenses and a little debt. But with the weakening USD and the increased service charge for currency conversion, I am not that positive if that could even cover what I aim to have my blogging money to cover.

Life's tough when you have so many responsibilities on your shoulder. No wonder I see a mole growing on my back. That said, I could afford to take the month off if I am so inclined, just to get away from the pressure. But when I think of the road tax and insurance which come up to MYR900 middle of this month for 6 months’ road tax and one year insurance coverage, I really don't wish to take money out of pocket to pay for them.

This month, I have tickets to watch two movies. Yeah, maybe I will go and do so and also take this chance to meet up with some friends whom I have neglected. Yea, I am so bad.


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