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Friday, November 02, 2007

Kontera And Other Links

A friend sent me an email asking me if I know why his TigaP posts get rejected all the time. It seems that he has Kontera installed and he has them in the Before/After posts.

It looks like now, we can't even have any links Before/After that MAY bring us even one cent IF it was clicked on. Have an affiliate link? No go as you MAY earn affiliate fees if somebody bought the item through you. No way can you get away with putting a news widget in your Before/After posts. You may get paid if your widget received X number of views in the mean time, know what I mean?

Don't you think it's getting more and more ridiculous? I certainly understand a need for some form of measure but to curb bloggers in a hundred and one ways is certainly getting stale. No wonder I hear people saying that they don't have fun there anymore. Actually, they lost it months ago. Only I was the one who kept saying that TigaP's still the easiest marketplace despite all the terms and conditions to adhere to.


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