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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gift For Young Children

I wrote a post just now about getting Christmas gifts but do not have an idea what to get. Well, besides getting gifts for family members, I will need to get gifts from friends who have young children.

Just now, I thought that I would get something that they could play with yet develop their creativity. I thought that play dough would be a good idea but after talking to a friend, she said that Modeling clays would be better.

Honestly, I don't know much about arts and crafts materials so my friend told me that I should get those that are safe for young children to play with and does not contain chemical and not harmful to them in anyway.

My concern is that children may accidentally swallow them. So I will try to look for Ceramic Clays of high quality and standards.

My friend, who herself has young children recommended Amaco to me. This is a very well-known company that supplies clay and other products for pottery, arts and crafts. I think I will go with her suggestion!


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