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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why I Don't Reply Email Anymore!

I notice that since I got myself the mobile device which receives my email automatically to my phone, I have almost stopped replying to emails! This is because that although I read most of my email from my phone, I hardly want to reply from my phone because writing on the phone and on the computer just isn't the same. And since I already read all my email, I see no reason to even log into my email client.

And as the days go by and more and more mail are piled up on top, the mail that is in need of my attention is being pushed off and out of sight. And then I forget all about it.

Of course, I am not talking about really important stuff or official email. I am talking about social mail. Heeeee I am so lazy to write or keep in touch. Remember my friends Wendy and May whom I bumped into a couple of months ago? I STILL have yet to write to them! And Markus! I'm supposed to give him the Google Earth place mark of my house!



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