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Saturday, October 20, 2007


I've spent the past fortnight at home grounded!! This is not because I have been so busy that I am unable to tear myself away but because I have no transport in the evenings. Besides, my father has been busy with the Nine Emperor Gods festivities where he had to perform his religious obligation. That was ten nights gone.

So I have been a good girl staying in and wasted lots of time playing computer and mobile games. I know they are totally bad for me because I would get addicted to them so easily that's why I dare not open the game tonight.

This weekend, I have been inundated with work but I hope to get everything up to date by tomorrow afternoon at the latest so that I can go out tomorrow evening and run some errands. But what I don't like about Sundays is that most places are closed. So it is no big loss if I don't go out on Sunday evening either.

However, I hope to be able to get away on Monday evening to buy some food supply for my monkey and go to the bank. I hope the stupid USD will pick up a little by then! It better!!


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