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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are You Still Hopeful?

How many days has it been already since our page ranks dropped? Yes, I am still going on and on about this topic. I can't help it, so shoot me!

I see that last night, YouTube went back to its 8 from the lowly 3 and this morning, I see some of my friends' blogs increased by one rank, still not to their original rank. But then ranks were given to us, ranks were taken away. We shouldn't be this affected, I know. If not for the potential damage to my blog revenue, I would not even be concerned at all.

Anyway, I am still hopeful. That's because I see some blogs that do not sell any links at all, in post or sidebar links, and yet they went down by one rank. I guess these bloggers don't even know about PR or that it went down. Haha!

Still keeping my fingers AND TOES crossed here!!!


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