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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pokemon GO Hack

I am at level 13 of Pokemon GO and I am so tempted to install the hack! I am bored with the game already and need something to boost it. My friend has the hack installed and asked me if I wanted it. That time, I was around Level 8. Well, I was action at that time. Now, whenever I get stuck, I am tempted to get it from my friend. 

Once, I almost succumbed. I messaged my friend. BUT he didn't reply me! Humphhhhhh.... in retrospect, thankfully he didn't reply! LOL Or I would already be using the hack right now. 

Without it, I am not sure how long more I can play the game. Many of my friends, without the hack, has stopped playing when they hit the 20s. Maybe I will be one of them as well. What do you think? Hack - yay or nay?


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