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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And I Am Off To Terengganu Soon.....

Well, it's been awhile, eh? Was on a short excursion to Pangkor. It was hectic, not a relaxing trip at all. Now, I need another holiday to recover from that, if that's even possible! 

But before I can take a breather, I have a week-long trip to Terengganu. Yes, another trip to the East Coast state. It's a little weird that all my life, I have never set foot there, and then suddenly, in the past few years, I keep going back. This is possibly my fifth or sixth trip to Terengganu! 

And I am sure I will return to Ipoh 10 times darker! 

Oh well, for now, I MUST concentrate in wrapping up as much work as possible here before I head to Terengganu. TIRED!!!


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