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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back From Holland LALALA

I have been back from Holland for about ten days now, where I spent a total of 1 day in KL and 8 days in the Netherlands. I am so high from the trip, it is very difficult for me to resettle to my daily routine here in Ipoh. 

Spending 9 days in total on vacation, I dare say it was better than some couples' honeymoon! But just when I was getting used to a new country, I have to return to Malaysia already. Argh! 

Holland was quite cold when I was there. The warmest during the day was about 16C and the coldest at night when I was still outside was about 12C. I was shivering most of the time! 

I love that Holland has long daylight when I was there. The days were bright from 5+am onwards and dusk only set in after 9pm! Wow, such long days, and I enjoyed every minute of my time there! 

I want to go back!


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