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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Flying On A Boeing 777-200!

Yahoo.... I got my tickets and I will be flying end May, on a Boeing 777-200. Yup! My travel plans for April and May are almost set. I'll be heading to Terengganu for a week very, very soon, where some of the places that I'm visiting are Redang Island and Kenyir Lake! 

But between this trip to the East Coast and that international trip, I have time to fit a couple of more trips. The question is, do I have the energy? 

I have already declined a four-day trip to Penang, as it follows soon after the week-long East Coast trip. Besides, I was in Penang just around New Year's Eve and that was only some 3.5 months ago. 

Anyway, am so excited. Yabadabadoooooo!!


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