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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tablet Rosak

I am upset... my Huawei tablet that I won in a contest some 1.5 years ago is out of order. The touch screen doesn't response anymore, although I still can turn the tablet on.

Well, I went to a tablet repair shop, and they say they don't have spare part and that they need to take my tablet along to China to get a replacement. Can't they just take along the model number? 

So, I came home and found that there is a Huawei service centre in Ipoh, but they also said that they do not stock spare part and I would have to wait FOUR weeks. 

And they can't even tell me how much it would cost me to repair it. So, I said, find out and get back to me. I hope it's under RM200. Otherwise, it's beyond economical repair. 



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