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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Keeping Myself Busy

Am in a lull right now, without many events due to bulan puasa. I am looking for stuff to do to keep myself occupied, and to shore up my "work" so that I can get away on trips after Hari Raya. 

Whether I get to go away or not after Raya is still a big question mark. I want to, but then again, my schedule is full and so, I am praying that no travel plans clash with what I already am committed to do! 

And, I am trying to complete a book that I started reading in May or June. Am now only 1/3 down and don't know when only I can complete it. Every time I read a couple of pages of it, I fall asleep. Yes, even if it's a book by one of my favourite authors. Duh!


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