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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Benefits of A Long Soak

I am always in a rush because of the nature of my work, and I don't have much alone time, or "me" time, unfortunately. One of the reasons that I love to get sent on trips, although the schedule is usually tight, is that I get to break away from routine of my life off and on. That is a good thing, even if I come home with tons of work on my hands! 

When I am traveling, I have an the odd hour here and there, where I get to pamper myself with facials, massages and spa sessions. At the very least, I get to enjoy a long hot soak at the end of the day. This luxury that I seem to enjoy so much, got me thinking that I should check out whirlpool bathtubs. I have actually been thinking of installing one at home. Yes, it is a luxury, but a hot soak certainly takes out the kinks in my muscles! 

I had thought that whirlpool bathtubs were expensive, but they aren't really that bad. Sure, they are slightly out of my budget at the moment, but it gives me something to work towards. At least, the hard work that I put in will be worth the effort! It is going to be my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 

I have been checking discount whirlpool tubs lately - I didn't realize there were so many designs to choose from. I have also been imagining what my bathroom would look like, with a newly installed tub. I think I would prefer if my entire bathroom were renovated which would be pure luxury! 

As I continue to slug through in my daily routine, I will periodically take the time to see products here, and start choosing which one is most suitable for the entire family. I think I would be extremely grateful if I could have a good soak at least once or twice a week! Can't wait 'til I can get one installed.


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