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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Home For Two Weeks

Yes, I am home again, but only for two weeks. And then it is time to go away again for a few days. I am glad that my traveling schedule is on again, but at the same time, I dread the amount of work on my hands. I was told that I may have to fly in May. Am excited, but again, I know that there will be even lots more to do. 

A friend, whom I meet sometimes in Ipoh due to our nature of work, and who will then not see me for quite a few weeks, asked me if I had enrolled in the non 12 step rehab at Malibu Horizon. Haha! He thought I am addicted to something and needed to be rehabilitated! 

Nope, luckily that's not the same. It's just that my work calls for me to be away sometimes, and I actually welcome the break from routine life. I wonder how some people could work in an office day in and day out for a fixed number of hours, without any change. Now, that would drive me crazy!


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