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Friday, March 29, 2013

Gift Giving Season

Gift giving is not just during the Christmas season or at Valentine's Day, but also for the seemingly "normal" months. April until August are really crazy months for me because every month, there are at least three people celebrating their birthdays; people who are close enough to me to warrant a gift. As you can see, I don't bother with even a birthday card for those whom I am not in constant touch with. I am already overwhelmed as it is! 

Even though I have the best of intentions to give special and unique gifts, and prefer to give handmade gifts rather than store-bought, I just can never find time for that, or maybe I am just plain lazy. I guess I have to work more efficiently? Well, despite giving out all store-bought gifts, I believe that ultimately, it's the thought that counts, and not so much the gift that's being given. Unless it's cash, HAHA! 

I don't even wrap my gifts, unless a gift-wrapping service is provided. Now, I wouldn't blame this on laziness, but on the fact that my lack of creativity in gift-wrapping is quite shameful and it embarrasses me to put down my gift in a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts! 

Almost everyone knows that I shop for gift boxes from websites like Paper Mart. I thank the internet for providing me easy access to great gift wrap solutions! It is a lot easier for me to just search for an appropriate gift wrapper or cute gift box, after I have already bought the gift. I just have to make sure that the box will fit my gift. 

Well, if it doesn't, it won't be a problem. I can always save if for my next gift, and make sure that I buy a gift that will fit the box instead! 

All right, now, let me think of what to get for my mom on her birthday next month? Or should I just give her cash, her favorite gift? Let's see if Paper Mart here has something suitable for her "gift".


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