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Monday, January 28, 2013

Repainting for Chinese New Year

With less than two weeks to Chinese New Year, my friend is in desperate need of a painter to repaint his house. He asked me if I have any contacts. I do, but since this is a rush job, they won't come cheap. Even so, depending on the method used to remove the old coat of paint, he can save both time and money. Many painters have adopted the faster way to do so by using dry ice blasting, compared to high-pressure water jet. 

Dry ice blasting means using small compact dry ice pellets to "blast" whatever dirt is on the walls. These small ice pellets are a lot more effective as blasting material compared to just water jets, which takes a longer time, are costly and not as effective. In fact, the painter that I hired a couple of months ago, purchased a commercial pellet ice maker as she wanted to upgrade her business. 

Compared to other methods of removing the moldy surface on the external walls of the house, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and gentle. In fact, this method, though it may sound rough, could even be used on delicate surfaces like nickel, chromium and soft aluminium. 

Another plus point of dry ice cleaning compared to other methods is that it produces no waste products. I remember in the old days, after using a high-pressure water jet, our garden was in such a mess that it took us a long time to clean it up. The task was indeed very off putting! You can imagine how relieved we were when we did not experience the same issue with dry ice blasting. In fact, now that we know better, we are no longer apprehensive when we have to get our house a new coat of paint in the near future. 

Those who are keen to Shop now for a dry ice blaster should read up on the technical advantages and different dry ice makers.


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