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Saturday, December 08, 2012

And Soon, It's Putrajaya

Now that the trip to Melaka has been postponed, there's one more trip to fulfill for this year, and then I can relax in Ipoh. Hej, travelling can be tiring, you know, especially when I have to lug along my heavy luggage. I need a lighter laptop. HHmmm but it's not time yet to buy one. When I do make a purchase, perhaps I will be going for a netbook. What do you think? Tablets make poor work tools! 

Knowing me, even though I have no trips to go on, I would still be making my own travel plans. But first, when I return from Putrajaya, I have to prepare for Christmas. Lots of cleaning up to do to. The same goes for New Year and Chinese New Year. Bah! Hate it.


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