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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Four Beach Holidays In Five Months

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I went on four beach holidays in five months - to Pangkor and Langkawi in May and then to Redang Island and Gem Island in September and October. You must think that I am enjoying a good life, and I would say, maybe I am, but then these are work trips and I always come back with tons of things to catch up on. But I always say, enjoy first! After all, the internet connection is always poor in these locations and work can wait! 

Each time I return from a beach holiday though, I am ten shades darker! I know, I blame myself for not being diligent enough to apply suntan lotion, and now I need a skin lightener for dark skin, badly. A friend pointed out that I am very dark and suggested I apply more suntan lotion after seeing my photo that I shared on Facebook. Well, since I am already this dark, that won't help now. I am hoping that a skin lightener will save my complexion! Do you think this will help? If so, what products would you recommend? 

Unfortunately, with all these travels, I became ill three weeks ago and until today, an I am still not fully recovered. I have such a bad cough that my sleep is constantly disrupted and that's causing me to have countless sleepless nights. Well, you know what the result of that is ...huge bags under my eyes. Soon, my eye bags are going to have eye bags of their own! This in addition to the fine wrinkles developed lately... urgh! I admit, I need help!! I will not age gracefully I'm afraid. 

 A friend just suggested that I apply eye cream at night. I have never used any before so I do not know what to get. In the first place, I wonder if I even have the discipline to follow a beauty routine daily. Anyway, I have been checking out this website, and found it interesting in my search, you can Click here for their product information if you are interested. I hope you are more disciplined than I am!


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