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Friday, February 10, 2012

Travel For Free

Recently, a friend told me that she was offered free travel for her family by someone who works in a travel agency. My friend, also a blogger, turned down the offer because her children are too naughty and she thought that she would not be able to cope. Ah, too bad.

I have also read of people travelling for free, with most of their expenses paid for, or even totally. But how many people could do so and what's their secret? I'm sure they won't let us know. I'm trying to search online for such information but cannot find anything. I hope that this year, I can get on free press trips. I'm no longer sufficient to get press passes!


FrankMiller said...

Interesting article. I’ve traveled abroad each year the last few years for a couple of weeks at a time. I usually watch the bank exchange rates and buy foreign currency before I leave for my trips. I avoid using ATMs unless it is essential and I refrain from using plastic at all if I can. BTW, this last year, Travelex was the only place that stocked the Czech Koruna without a two week order time on top of the exchange rate. I paid slightly more than what Wells Fargo was offering to get the cash immediately. It was well worth it!

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