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Monday, November 14, 2011

New Shoes For Me

I bought a new pair of NIKE shoes when I went shopping yesterday. I spoilt my pair of sneakers when I went to cover an event walking on a field that had been savaged by heavy rain. I didn't have time to wash the shoes before leaving for KL and neither did I have time to buy a new pair of shoes. Shoes need a little time to season so it would be a little uncomfortable initially, and everyone would know when someone has a new pair of shoes from the way he/she walks.

I would prefer to shop when I am in Ipoh, although it means limited range of products to choose from. Now, I have even more stuff to carry home. Heavy lah! What to do? I needed it at this point in time and I am not in Ipoh. Bah! I think I got my shoes at a good price, though, even though it may be out of fashion, as a friend said, or it may not last long. Haihhh.... why can't he let me enjoy my new purchase a little??


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