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Monday, October 10, 2011

Traveling The World For Food

My friend had the luck to be chosen as one of four people to "travel the world". It's a quality hunting job that required them to judge the quality of different aspects of travel and dining was one of them. My friend, someone who lives to eat, was ecstatic, of course. Anybody, in her shoes, would be.

My friend, an expert on different cuisines around the world, still had to have a handy food guide at her fingertips. In Boston, where there are so many restaurants almost at every corner around the block, how would one know which Boston restaurants are good, and which should be avoided? That's where a reliable Boston restaurant guide comes in.

When in Boston, one doesn't necessarily have to eat American food only. As a metropolitan city, one could try out cuisines from around the world, right in one city only. She told me there are some authentic Chinese restaurants Boston, which she says are highly recommended.

I remember a friend who lives in Boston who told me about a Mexican Restaurant that he discovered. I believe it was also listed in the Boston food guide, he just hadn't read about it prior to dining there! That's why I always read up on food guides and reviews prior to visiting a new city! I don't want to miss out on new dining experiences!


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