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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Long / Short Vision

I have a friend whom I like to refer to as having "Yin Yang eyes". It's not an accurate term because it means having the ability to see things is another dimension. My friend actually is long-sighted in one eye and short-sighted in the other. Weird, right?

My friend went for a laser surgery a few years ago to correct his vision on one eye and didn't go through with the same procedure for the other eye. I have no idea why, but he seems pretty comfortable living with his eyesight like this, even though he felt dizzy initially but has since gotten used to it.

I told him to check out Lasik Boston and perhaps he would change his mind and get his vision corrected for the other eye, finally. Of course, he would need to be evaluated first, to see if Boston Lasik can be done on his eye. As you know, not everyone's eye is suitable for laser surgery.

If my eyesight requires corrective surgery, Lasik would be my first choice because it is a simple procedure, fast and effective. There are a few LASIK vision correction procedures so do consult an ophthalmologist to see which is most suitable.

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