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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Old PC Recycling Campaign

There is an old PC recycling campaign running at the current PC Show. Although there are many PC or IT fairs in Ipoh, I believe only PC Show has this campaign. Cash vouchers will be given to anyone who brings in old gadgets, whether they are still in working condition or broken.

The value of cash vouchers are RM20 for notebook, RM12 for desktop monitor, RM8 for CPU and RM2 for printer. I personally think that these are pretty low rates but haven't we all thrown something away thinking that it has no more value?

The bad thing is that cash vouchers can only be spent at the current PC Show. So if you don't see anything you want to buy during the three days, your cash voucher will no longer be valid. I think they should at least allow us a year to redeem the vouchers. Don't you think so?


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