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Thursday, May 26, 2011

To KL And Back

Went to KL and came home within the same day and nearly fell ill. It was so, so hot and I didn't have enough water to drink. Not that I was too stingy to buy water but I didn't see any!

In addition, I already was awake at 3+ am even though my express coach leaves Ipoh at 7.30am. I just woke up automatically, somehow, and couldn't sleep anymore. And so my long day began. I usually try to catch some sleep on my way to KL and also on the way home but this time on the way to KL, the bus stopped two times so that one of the passengers could use the toilet.

On the way home, I took the train and even though I was very tired, I couldn't sleep. My "neighbour" on the train, an Indian guy, wanted to chit chat and that was fine with me. However, each time I wanted to do something on the phone like reply to messages, he would be looking INTO my screen until i couldn't get anything done. What lah... never see phone before?

So I arrived home at 12.30am and only got to bed at 2am. You can imagine what a punishing trip I had! My shoulder is aching now because of my heavy bag and I am still trying to recover from the long and tiring trip!


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