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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Catch A Mouse

I think I spotted a mouse going in and out of my mother's room. This only happened since my neighbour's house was under renovation. I think all the movement has caused mice from that house to cross over to our property.

And so the other day I bought a mouse trap for RM8.50. After three days, I was not able to catch the mouse even though I saw its shadow running about the room! Now, I am thinking of buying mouse glue. I don't really like to use the glue because it will hurt the mouse or possibly kill it but what can I do? Mouse is pest and I am afraid that cohabiting with the will cause us to fall ill.

Moreover, I once got to know a guy who was bitten by a mouse when he was asleep and he was sick and had to be hospitalized for three weeks! And since then, he was not feeling well anymore. That's scary!!!


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