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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hybrid Cars

Car enthusiasts are all talking about hybrid cars. We now have more choices in the market. As a fairly new car owner, I too am caught up in the hype. The other day, I too went to a car exhibition where the Toyota Prius full hybrid car (third generation) was on display. The on-the-road price is RM139,000, if I am not mistaken. Hybrid cars are not something that I can own, actually, and in fact, if I have that money, or the ability to buy something of that price, I would rather buy properties.

And did you know hat batteries for hybrid cars could be staggering? It's about RM12,000 each currently. Although it is reported that such batteries can clock 500,000km before it needs to be replaced, the figure is still quite shocking, considering it has to be paid in cash, unlike cars that could be bought by taking out a car loan.

Anyway, cars are nice to look at only. I'd rather be driving my used car as it serves me well. Actually, my father and brother drive it more than I do! Well, unless I work for a company that gives me the use of a car....


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