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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hailam Kopitiam (Brickfields)

When I was in KL, yesterday, my friend took me to this kopitiam in Brickfields, that's near KL Sentral, called hailam Kopitiam. I remember that it is a "chain" of kopitiams like Ipoh Old Town White Coffee.

And this was what we had for lunch: kampung fried rice and otak-otak rolls and for drinks, special roast ice kopi-o and hot special roast coffee. I also packed something for dinner since my train ride home was during dinner time. It usually is. What I packed was toast bun rendang chicken. Looks yummy but the rendang chicken was slightly too salty for me. Besides, the minced chicken was not easy to eat on a train too!

As you can see, I took some photos of the food using my new Samsung ST600 camera! Wheee!!


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