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Monday, February 15, 2010

DiGi Super Long Life™

As a Celcom subscriber, I had no idea what sort of packages DiGi has until I called in to DiGi customer service to make enquiries for my cousin who is now based overseas. He had a DiGi prepaid line and I wondered if it is more viable for him to keep it or to use a prepaid line while he is overseas.

I found out that there is something called Super Long Life™ where DiGi prepaid users will have to pay a one-time fee of RM30 to subscribe to the plan that will keep the line active for one year. I thought that this is a pretty good plan but then Celcom prepaid also has something similar and in fact, there is one plan that allows Celcom prepaid users to keep their line active for TWO years.

When you think of it, RM30 isn’t such a huge sum and it’s only slightly more than RM0.08 per day to keep the line active for one year but then for prepaid, RM30 is a lot of money already. I wonder if I should subscribe to Super Long Life™ if I was to get a DiGi prepaid line or maybe I should wait and see if DiGi has good coverage in my area.

HHmm there are so many choices it is definitely not easy to choose the plan that suits us the most.


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