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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cheap Fashion Watches

After almost 8 months not going anywhere, even the battery of my watch died. I thought that I would prefer a more "mature" watch now and I wouldn't mind spending a little bit more on a branded watch after wearing one Swatch or another for so many years now.

Well, my plans never work out well. Last evening, I went shopping and saw so many cheap fashion watches that I bought one. It's only RM10 each. Very cheap but looks so nice! I bought one with plenty of stars and in my favourite colors of white and pink!

You know, I was thinking that if I was to spend RM200 on a branded watch, I could buy 20 different fashion watches that I could wear a different watch for almost three weeks! It was a choice of either one boring, though expensive, watch daily, or something different every day. WOW!


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