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Monday, November 09, 2009

Is It An End To Vehicle End Life Policy‎?

A couple of days ago, MITI (or more accurately, the Government), decided to pull back plans on the implementation of one of the new conditions under the National Automotive Policy (NAP) after much noise from the public, including yours truly.

So now, cars above 15 years are not required to get tested by Puspakom. However, insurance companies are still enforcing this because it's a business after all, and before offering insurance coverage, they surely would need to ensure beforehand that a vehicle is road-worthy.

Now, I certainly do not begrudge them this but don't you think that 15 years is certainly too new a car to enforce this? It's fine if it was a commercial vehicle but for private cars, me thinks 25 to 30 year old cars would be more appropriate.

Also, it is much hassle to get a car tested YEARLY. If you have been to Puspakom lately, you would know what I mean. Alternate years or even three years once would be fair, after all, all vehicles are tested when there is a change of ownership or when one takes a car loan.

But then one question on my head right now is how long will this decision not to enforce Vehicle End Life Policy last? Until after the next General Election? We all know that this is an old issue which recently arose again. I know that this certainly isn't the last that we will hear of it. Do we, owners of older cars, need to keep creating uproar every time this is brought up? It's pretty ridiculous the implementation of this condition would force us to install a car loan ALL OUR LIVES. I don't think the standard of living of most Malaysians has reached this level yet.


Anonymous said...

LOL 15 years is too new? I think after 3 years, all cars should go for check up to ensure they're friendly to the environment.

It's time we get something going to remove those cars with black smokes from the road.

eibla said...

This policy is only feasible if they get rid of import tax on cars then charge higher for fuel and road tax.

Anonymous said...


Agree that import tax should be gone, or at least lowered. The prices of new cars are ridiculous and with this policy, all of us could only afford to own small national cars since they only have 15 years life.

Anyway, if we have to pay for road tax, we shouldn't have to pay for toll too and vice versa.

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