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Friday, November 02, 2007

Thank God For These Blessings

You know, I have been lamenting for the past week about my tanked Page Ranks dropping two ranks across all my blogs because I was afraid that my blogs will now look unattractive in the eyes of advertisers.

However, what surprised me today is that in one of the marketplaces where we have to place out bids, well, one of my many bids were accepted. Actually, this bid was placed when my Page Rank was a 3 so I managed to get a good price for my post.

This site, if you know which I am talking about does not measure its internal score on Google but on Yahoo! So far Yahoo! has been very kind to us and you probably would have noticed that you have more backlinks from Yahoo than from Google.

So I am very grateful that although things look bleak at the moment, there are still advertisers who do not care about Page Ranks because Page Rank is only determined by Google and will influence the results on Google Search and not elsewhere.


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