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Friday, October 26, 2007

My Sister So Dumb

You know, few days ago, she told me that she cannot send out email because she cannot find the COMPOSE button. She is using Hotmail which I also am using but I get all my email from Outlook Express and don't log into my web based Hotmail account because I don't have to.

I told her that it's there and she just has to look more carefully. Then today, again she says that she cannot find it. So I logged into my account and let her know that COMPOSE is NEW lah. Aiyoh.

I remember pointing it out to her some months back but she has forgotten, I guess. Now, same question. If she really could not find it, she could simply select one email, click REPLY and change the email address of the recipient, right?

I asked her why she does not use Outlook Express to retrieve, read and compose her Hotmail, she said, "I am using Internet Explorer." Aiyoh... these two are not one and the same also. Doh!!


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