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Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally Got It Charged

A couple of days ago, I tried to charge my new KOSS UPS but since I do not see the light or any indication that it is being charged, I called up the shop and the guy told me to wait for a few hours to see if there is a blinking light. Half a day went by and still no light. By then the shop has already closed and in the morning, I did not have the time to call them up again to ask.

I only managed to call then during lunch time and this guy told me to press the button for a few seconds until I hear a TEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT sound the only let go. Aiyoh.... say so earlier la, dammit! The manual also did not mention anything like that!

Made me waste one whole day as I had to give it a full charge "again" and it took another ten hours. I know this is a user-problem but then should have at least mentioned it in the manual, right?? They can’t expect everyone to know something like this ma!


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