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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cheap Van Insurance In The UK

My friend, Tuck, has a commercial van which he uses to collect fruits from orchards and send them to fruit stalls to be sold. You can say that he's a middleman. The other day, he told me that he just spent a tiny fortune on his road tax and insurance.

Well, I have always thought that insurance here is expensive. It's a different story in the UK, though. Check out cheap van insurance UK that is being offered by Autonet. They do make sure that although a van is used for commercial purposes, they could still help to determine if buying insurance for transportation of light goods is sufficient, hence saving the owner some money.

While my friend only has two options; third party or comprehensive insurance covers, Autonet, through their commercial van insurance arm, Vannet, also offers Fire, Theft and Third Party three-in-one insurance coverage.

The good thing about Vannet is that one could request for a commercial van insurance quote online and compare with other insurance providers. Vannet guarantees that the have the lowest rate by refunding your money if you found cheaper commercial van insurance elsewhere. And this is the assurance that commercial van owners need!


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